First Selection of Wines of the D.O. Emporda

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  • Grenache of Emporda Reserve – Dessert Wine
  • Red Wine Inspirador 2021 Perelada D.O. Empordà
  • Red Wine Perelada 3 Estates 2018 D.O. Empordà
  • Red Wine Perelada 5 Estates Reserve 2017 D.O. Empordà
  • Red Wine Gardens of Perelada D.O. Empordà
  • Gardens White Wine 2022 of Perelada D.O. Catalonia


5002 – Grenache of Emporda Reserve – Dessert Wine

Characteristics: The natural sweet wines of Grenache have a long tradition in the Emporda. Grenache of Emporda is made with two types of Grenache, black and white, from vines over 40 years old. The grapes are picked with a slight over ripeness. Aged by the solera method for more than twelve years, it has a warm and silky character.

Denomination of Origin: D.O. Emporda

Varieties: 80% Grenache Black and 20% Grenache White

Graduation: 15% Vol.


· Colour: Liqueur wine. Garnet colour with ruby ​​edge

· Nose: Intense aroma of toast, wet earth, background of raisins, spices and cocoa.

· Palate: Tasty palate, very fresh, notes of toasted leather with some floral freshness.

Pairing: accompanied by Lyonnais and all kinds of cakes, Catalan cream, dried fruit desserts, fresh cheeses, chocolates, truffles and custards.

Consumption and temperature: We recommend drinking it at room temperature

Capacity: 75 Cl.




Characteristics: “L’Empordà has been a source of inspiration for great artists. The colours, textures and aromas of its landscapes make up an extraordinary palette of nuances. The Inspirador is a genuine Empordà wine that conveys the essence of this unique land.”

Elaboration: Vinification in red, medium maceration, controlled fermentation at 24ºC.

Varieties: Samsó (50%), Grenache Black (30%), Cabernet Sauvignon (20%).

Vintage: 2021

Aging: Three months in Bordeaux barrels of French Allier and American oak.

Alcohol content: 13% Vol.

Bottle type: Burgundy. Colour Moss

Capacity: 75 Cl.

Tasting note:

· View: Intense cherry colour.

· Nose: Aroma of red and black fruits at the same time, rounded with a discreet combination of fine notes of barrel aging.

· Mouth: In the mouth it is round, fresh, balanced and very long. It is an intense wine, which marks the personality of Samsó with very round tannins and a very enveloping aftertaste.

Pairing: In general tasty and intense dishes. Meats of all kinds, especially red meat and stewed or roasted meats. Intense and tasty meat or red wine sauces. Especially recommended with grilled food. Season the dishes with sweet spices, spices, Mediterranean herbs and, if they are a little evolved, with mushrooms. Pasta with powerful sauces like a beef Ragú. Meat rice, intense and tasty.

Service: It is recommended to serve it between 16 and 18 ºC.




Characteristics: Perelada 3 Estates is a red wine from the D.O. Empordà produced by the Castle of Perelada winery.This winery, installed since 1923 in the same Castle of Perelada (Girona), collects a tradition of winemaking that goes back to the Middle Ages.

Elaboration: Due to its great varietal diversity, this red wine is characterized by the heterogeneity of the soil of its vineyards. The grapes come from 3 different estates: Pont de Molins (sandy soils), La Garriga (loose-sandy soils) and Espolla (slate soils).This diversity of the soil and the grape favours a great complexity and richness of nuances in the wine.For its preparation, fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature of 24ºC. Aging takes place for one year in Bordeaux barrels, 70% fine American oak and 30% French Allier oak.

Varietals: Samsó (30%), Grenache (27%), Cabernet Sauvignon (20%), Merlot (18%), Syrah (5%).

Denomination of Origin: D.O. Empordà

Vintage: 2018

Alcoholic Degree: 14% Vol.

Capacity: 75 Cl.

Tasting note:

  • Colour: Intense cherry red colour.
  • Noise: Predominant aromas of red and black fruit, along with a floral touch and fine aging notes.
  • Mouth: In the mouth it is friendly, balanced and with mature tannins. It is a wine of medium structure, with a marked personality and long in the mouth.

Pairing: Meat rice, Roasts, White meats with sauce, Grilled red meats, Roasted red meats, Cooked, Grilled lamb, Sausages, Beefy linguine hamburger, Grilled vegetables, Pasta with meat sauce, Pâtés, Duck , Blue fish, Semi-cured cheeses, Risotto, Mushrooms, Vegetables, Vegetables stuffed with meat.

Service: It is recommended to serve it between 15 and 17 ºC.




 Characteristics: For this 2017 vintage they surprise us with a new blend composed of Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache, Merlot and Samsó from 5 different estates owned by the winery, all located in the DO Empordà.

Preparation: The harvest is done by selecting the grapes from the same vine. Vinification is traditional, each variety separately, with long macerations and fermentations at a controlled temperature. Once these processes are completed, the red wine rests for 16 months in fine grain American oak barrels and French Allier oak barrels (in equal parts). After aging in wood, this reserve wine rests in the bottle until the time of its commercialization.

Varietals: Cabernet Sauvignon 32%, Grenache 27%, Merlot 22%, Samsó 14%.

Vintage: 2017

Alcoholic Degree: 14% Vol.

Capacity: 75 Cl.

Tasting note:

· View: It has an attractive reddish cherry color, bright and with violet edges. This red reserve wine forms an elegant thin tear in the glass.

· Nose: On an intense toasted and smoked background, this blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache, Merlot and Samsó offers a complex aromatic expression where the fleshy ripe fruit appears nuanced by numerous spices, fresh and mentholated balsamic, mineral notes and subtle forest memories Mediterranean.

· Mouth: Wide and evolving entrance that gives way to a long and elegant silky and very tasty journey. Perfectly structured and with a pleasant intensity, the nose returns with the concentrated and sweet fruit, the toast and the mineral character of the terroir are more present than on the nose. Balanced acidity that brings a welcome freshness and slightly present but well integrated tannins. This reserve wine from the Castillo de Perelada winery is long and persistent, with a fruity finish with creamy toasted retro nasal notes.

Pairing: Elegant and intense expression, this red reserve wine needs aeration of about 30 minutes before serving so that it expresses its full potential. Ideal to accompany a good roast meat, but try the pairing with a typical Empordà dish such as the different versions of sea and mountain (dishes that combine poultry and meat with fish or seafood).

Service: It is recommended to serve it between 16 and 18 ºC.




 Characteristics: A wine with floral aromas inspired by a unique environment, the Gardens of Perelada’s Castle.

Elaboration: Elaboration in black, medium maceration, controlled fermentation at 25ºC.

Varietals: 46% Grenache Black, 18% Samsó, 15% Syrah, 12% Merlot, 8% Cabernet Sauvignon and 1% Cabernet Franc.

Denomination of Origin: D.O. the Empordà

Vintage: Young wine from 2021

Alcoholic Degree: 14.5% Vol.

Bottle type: Burgundy green

Capacity: 75 Cl.

Tasting note:

· Colour: Pale cherry colour with violet edges.

· Nose: Aromatically it is very intense and recalls fresh and sweet fruits at the same time.

· Mouth: In the mouth it is fluid, fresh, balanced and with present but very soft tannins that give it silkiness and a pleasant mouth feel. It is a friendly wine, with a long aftertaste and a marked personality.

Pairing: Fruity red wines are perfect for simply cooked meats, such as grilled, roasted… Perfect for elaborate vegetable dishes. Try it with meat stews or the more intense sea and mountain dishes. An ideal type of wine for pasta dishes with tomato and meat sauces or for rice with chicken, rabbit or vegetables. Season your dishes with pepper or Mediterranean herbs.

Service: It is recommended to serve it between 16 and 18 ºC.




 Characteristics: A wine with floral aromas inspired by a unique environment, the Gardens of Perelada’s Castle.

Production: The production of wine at Perelada Castle has been documented since the Middle Ages, as evidenced by several documents and scrolls from the time kept in the library. When Miguel Mateu bought this monumental complex in 1923, one of his main objectives was the revitalization of this winemaking tradition, a tradition that today is more alive than ever and that has incorporated the most modern technology to produce wines that bring out the maximum match of the nuances of the lands and vineyards of Empordà.

Varietals: 39% Sauvignon Blanc, 30% Macabee, 26 % White Grenache, 3% Chardonnay, 1% Grenache Red and 6% Muscat.

Denomination of Origin: D.O. Catalonia

Vintage: Young wine from 2022Alcoholic Degree: 12.9% Vol.

Bottle type: Burgundy, moss colour

Capacity: 75 Cl.

Tasting note:

· Colour: Pale yellow colour with greenish tones.

· Nose: Intense aroma of fresh fruit, fine tropical notes with a floral background.

· Mouth: In the mouth it is round, evolving, fresh and balanced. It is a complex, persistent wine with a long and lasting aftertaste.

Pairing: With dishes with contributions of fresh produce, both vegetables, all kinds of fresh salads. fish, shellfish, crustaceans, natural, boiled, steamed, grilled, cooked with rice, pasta or stews like the traditional “fish stew”

Service: It is recommended to serve it between 6 and 8 ºC.

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