V002 – Maresme tomatoes for the salads

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  • 3 tomatoes inside a Kraft paper bag.




Characteristics: The tomato was introduced to Europe by the Spanish colonizers of the American continent. The fruit can be rounded, flattened or pear-shaped. Most varieties are red. The tomato provides essential nutrients for the body and beneficial for health.

Essential in the Mediterranean diet, nutrition experts have discovered that it contains provitamin A (beta-carotenes) and is rich in vitamins C and E. In addition, tomatoes contain lycopene, a carotenoid without provitamin A activity, which presents a high antioxidant power, and which is responsible for the bright red color of the fruit.

Fundamental component in salads or typical dishes (Chilean salad, pizzas, gazpacho, etc.), and in various industrial products such as dehydrated, canned, juices, ketchup, jams, pastas, sauces and even alcoholic beverages such as “Bloody Mary”.

Benefits: High tomato consumption has been associated with a decreased risk of disease, including cancer and cardiovascular disease. Lycopene acts as an antioxidant, modulating the immune response and modifying the inflammatory process. In this sense, the ability of lycopene to modulate cholesterol metabolism has been studied, which implies a preventive function against cardiovascular diseases.

Weight: Between 450 and 500 gr. Each unit approx.

Use by date: 25 days.

Storage and Transport Temperature: 18°C.

Nutritional value per 100 grs. :

  • · Energy value: 18/75 kcal/kJ
  • · Total Carbohydrates: 3.9 grams.
  • · Sugars: 2.6 grs.
  • · Proteins: 0.9 grs.

Presentation: 3 tomatoes inside a Kraft paper bag.

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