P001 – Ensaïmada of Mallorca – Angel’s Hair

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  • Ensaimada medium size of 500 grs. in cardboard box and plastic bag.



Description: Ensaïmada de Mallorca is a sweetened, fermented and baked dough food, made with flour, water, sugar, eggs, sourdough and lard. It is a confectionery product with great tradition on the island, as it has been made and consumed continuously in Mallorca since ancient times. There are documents in which the preparation of Mallorcan ensaimades is recorded on the occasion of festivals and celebrations. From the 18th century, the consumption of Ensaïmada de Mallorca became popular among the middle and upper classes, constituting a pasta commonly consumed in snacks, accompanying chocolate in a cup.

Angel hair is the product resulting from cooking pumpkin pulp (Curcubita moschata) with added sugar. In the Ensaïmada de Mallorca with angel hair, the minimum content of the angel hair filling must be 40 grams for every 100 grams of dough.

Ensaïmada is a typically artisanal product, the experience of the maker being essential to give the product its characteristics. In Mallorca there is a great tradition of baking and pastry making, this being one of the oldest guilds, dating back to the 14th century. This tradition in the sector is evident when analyzing the average age of Mallorca’s bakeries, of which more than 50% of those currently in existence are over 150 years old, and many of them are currently run by fifth generations of pastry chefs. The tourist activity developed on the island has allowed this product to acquire international recognition.

The Ensaïmada de Mallorca obtained its protection as a specific denomination in 1996 and in April 2003, the Government of the Balearic Islands approved the regulation, currently in force, which recognizes it as a protected geographical indication.

Depending on the presence of filling, two types of Ensaïmada de Mallorca are distinguished:

  • Ensaimada de Mallorca, a name that refers to the one that does not have any type of filling. Its ingredients are: flour, water, sugar, eggs, sour cream and lard.
  • Ensaimada de Mallorca with angel hair, made from the same ingredients as the previous one and filled with angel hair.

Presentation: Ensaimada medium size of 500 grs. in cardboard box and plastic bag.

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