5180 – Jägermeister Herbal liqueur

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 Description: It is a liqueur made with 56 different ingredients following a recipe that has remained unchanged for more than 80 years. An iced shot resulting from a unique combination of tradition and modernity that has revalued the premium shot on the market.

Ageing: Aged in barrels: Masters are not created overnight, not even our Jägermeister. To be able to enjoy the best nights with him, his elixir matures for several months in oak barrels. Only then does it unfold its legendary and unique flavour.

Composition: Jägermeister includes among its list of 56 ingredients various oriental fruits, spices and roots, such as licorice, anise and ginger, as well as juniper berries. These components are ground and macerated in water and alcohol for 2 or 3 days; this mixture is then filtered and stored in an oak barrel for a year. After this time, it is filtered again, mixed with sugar, caramel and water, the liquor is filtered again and bottled.


· View: A dark and intense brown. Unique and incomparable

· Nose: Star anise, citrus and cloves; exotic essences from around the world that reach your nose.

· Mouth: Every drop of Jägermeister is made with passion in our cellar in Wolfenbüttel to always achieve this incomparable taste. Thanks to the secret combination of 56 ingredients that dance in your mouth, there is nothing like it.

Sensations: Our perfectly balanced liqueur offers an experience of velvety smoothness that fills your mouth with delicate flavours. Something that can only be achieved with a long tradition.

Graduation: 35% Vol.

Capacity: 70 Cl.

Consumption temperature: It is recommended to take it iced. At -18ºC to be exact.

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