3010 – De Muller Vermouth Reserve

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Vermouth de Muller Reserve of 75 Cl, awarded and critically acclaimed, this artisanal vermouth with a characteristic flavour is ideal to accompany any aperitif and live a pleasant experience. It is made by De Muller in Reus (Tarragona) and consists of an original recipe and an exquisite selection of wines, roots and aromatic plants typical of its environment.

Elaboration: This unique and award-winning Vermouth Women’s Reserve 75 Cl. it occurs in the traditional way. First, some herbs, roots and spices are taken which are macerated to remove all the soluble components. The extract is then taken and mixed with a base wine. It is then stored in small oak barrels for one to begin its long period of aging. The end result is a noble pleasure for the senses.

Tasting Notes:

· Colour: De Muller Vermouth Reserve has an intense amber colour.

· Smell: Very aromatic with clear notes of toast.

· Taste: Slightly sweet at first and then comes a bitter, very traditional touch of the house maiden.

Graduation: 16% by Alc.

Service: We recommend serving it between 3 and 4 ºC temperature.

Pairing: A classic service, combining vermouth with lemon or orange peel.

Capacity: 75 Cl.


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