2795 – De Muller Aureo Sweet Old D.O. Tarragona

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Description: Exquisite sweet wine made from the finest grapes of white Grenache and Black Grenache and aged long in oak barrels using the distinguished Solera method. Splendid amber colour with multiple shades of mahogany. Extraordinary nose, sophisticated and ingenious, complex and of great aromatic variety, startling notes of candied fruit, honey, following a roasted line with a stale touch, the protagonist of this great wine. Glorious palate where we savour the noblest virtues of wine. Rich, sensational, with a myriad of nuances, this sweet wine is very unctuous, with fruity notes and tastefully sweet, with breaded plums, raisins and dried figs, leaving a very pleasant and warm feeling with a clear aftertaste. roasted where it shows us its long aging in old oak barrels. A reference wine for endearing celebrations as well as for the rest of the year, as pleasure should not be enjoyed only on special occasions.

Variety: 70% Black Grenache 30% White Grenache

Graduation: 20% Vol

Capacity: 75 Cl.

Tasting Notes: An exquisite liqueur wine, semi-sweet, with an infinity of aromas, unctuous and very pleasant in the mouth, with its characteristic rancid touch, perfect companion for nuts or Christmas nougat. An impressive wine in colour and sensational both on the nose and in the mouth, with a stale touch that enlarges it, a virtue that can only be found in small artisan wineries such as De Muller.

Service: It is recommended to serve it between 10 and 12 ºC temperature.

Pairing: Magnanimous with nuts, nougat, fresh cheese, quince, foie gras and all kinds of pastries. Sublime for sunbathing.

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