1323 – Champagne Louis Roederer Brut Cristal 2013

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  • 1 Bottle of Louis Roederer’s Champagne in Original Luxury Box



Features: Considered the first “Cuvée Prestige” in history, it was created in 1876 for the exclusive use of Tsar Alexander II. This sparkling wine is the result of the best selection of the best terroirs from the Roederer house in a bottle designed for the occasion. Limited production champagne from our own vineyards classified as Grand Crus (100%). Silky, delicate and airy. Cristall 2013 is a great classic where maturity and freshness, forged to last, blend harmoniously.

Description: Grapes from 45 different places: 1/3 of the La Rivière vineyard, 1/3 of the Montagne and 1/3 of the Côte vineyard.

Varieties: Pinot Noir 60% and Chardonnay 40%

Graduation: 12% Vol. Alc

Tasting notes:

  • Sight: Golden colour with light reflections and fine, regular and light effervescence.
  • Nose: Powerful and complex ‘bouquet’ in which yellow (plums), juicy and ripe fruits (nectarines), citrus peel (candied orange) and lightly toasted nuts (hazelnuts) are mixed. The olfactory sensation is smooth, sweet and elegant
  • Mouth: Tactile, soft and generous. The effervescence subtly vibrates the wine which becomes soft, dense and juicy. However, it is the freshness of the lime that is quickly imposed by setting the pace: the sweetness becomes more energetic, giving the champagne length, elegance and power. The fine and granular tannins reveal their vinous dimension, wider, slower and serene.

Serving temperature: Between 6 and 8 degrees

Pairing: Excellent combination with all kinds of pastry and chocolate desserts or with caviar.

Presentation: In Louis Roederer’s original luxury single case

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