V003 – Vine Strawberries in a 2 Kg. Wooden Box.

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  • Between 12 or 15 units inside a Kraft paper bag.

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 Description: The strawberry is a highly desired fruit, due to the attractive red colour it presents, as well as, for its characteristic smell, together with its delicious sweet taste, although with a certain touch of acidity. This fruit, in addition, has a high content of vitamin C. It is usually consumed as fresh fruit, although it is also usually prepared with sugar, with cream, or used in smoothes with orange or milk.

Composition: The strawberry is mainly composed of water (89%), carbohydrates which is around 7% and in the form of fructose, glucose and xylitol. Both strawberries and strawberries are low in calories. In fact, for every 100 grams there are around 36 Kcal. But if there is something that stands out, it is because it is a rich source of vitamin C, which helps to keep the immune system strong and to protect cells from oxidative damage caused by free radicals, as explained by the Spanish Nutrition Foundation ( DO).

Properties: Strawberries have a great mineral wealth, as they are one of the fruits richest in iron alongside their ‘cousins’ such as raspberries and currants. In a handful of strawberries we can find 17% of iron and 9% of magnesium, in addition to finding potassium, calcium, phosphorus, manganese, silicon and copper, which makes it a very suitable fruit for treating nutritional deficits. And that’s not to mention the excellent source of vitamins C, K and folic acid they are.

Storage and transport: Strawberry packaging is done in the field. Strawberries are placed in wooden boxes covered in cellophane. Once the fruit has been selected and packed, it is stored as soon as possible in cold rooms at temperatures between 2 and 5ºC. Under these conditions, the fruit can be kept between 7 and 10 days depending on the variety.

Presentation: In wooden boxes with 2 Kgs. of strawberries

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