5181 – Coffee Cream Liquor Sheridan’s of 70 Cl.

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 Characteristics: Sheridan’s Coffee Cream Liqueur is an exquisite and delicious double liqueur, all natural composed of vanilla cream and coffee and chocolate liqueur with a base of aged Irish whiskey. Its innovative and striking bottle and the magical ritual involved in serving Sheridan’s in a glass, make it a unique liqueur, reinforcing its differentiating character, achieving maximum consumer satisfaction.

Description: Thanks to the dosing cap, the two liquors are served at the same time and in the exact proportions, leaving the white liquor on the black without mixing in a ratio of 1/3 white on 2/3 black, achieving a striking visual appearance when served – it in a glassProducer: Sheridan & Sons (Ireland)


· View: The bottles are made in France and England. It is bottled in a unique way, consisting of two sections separated by glass, but merging. One section is filled with a black liqueur, consisting of coffee and whiskey, while the other is filled with a white milk chocolate liqueur. When pouring into a glass, the white liquor should float above the black liquor.

· Mouth: It is very similar to an Irish coffee. Dense aromas of vanilla, coffee, chocolate and of course Whiskey. In the mouth it is sweet, creamy, you notice the flavour of coffee and chocolate, as a finishing point the touch of whiskey.

Graduation: 16% Vol.

Capacity: 70 Cl.

Consumption temperature: It is recommended to take it at room temperature.

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