5177 – Marc of Cava “Jean Materne”

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5177 – MARC OF CAVA Jean Materne

Characteristics: It is a distillate of the “mothers of cava” from a long aging of cava raised with a cork. The Mothers of Cava that are distilled are the expelled yeasts that are lost after the manual disgorging of each bottle of cava. These yeasts are recovered and from there a single distillation is carried out, carefully separating the heads and tails, recovering only the “heart” of the distillate which is the noblest and highest quality part. This distillate is aged in barrels of different woods for a few years.

Aging: A very important process for the final quality, where we have the obligation to give continuity year after year to the elegance, balance and finesse of our distillate. We age it in French oak and chestnut separately with the Dutch and pomace from the skins of our grapes on the one hand and on the other we mix it with the already disgusted mothers of cava. All this results in a wide aromatic and gustatory palette for the liquor maker to get our blend year after year.


  • Nose: Great complexity and definition. Its rich aromatic set denotes nuances of thyme, wet grass and hints of berries and nuts. Scented memories that evoke in the box of cedar cigars and tobacco leaves.
  • Mouth: Silky and intense, round and wide with hints of fruit and yeast. Dry and long finish in which the spirit of wine is elegantly integrated.
  • Harmonies: It can be accompanied by carquinyolis, catanias, dark chocolate, nuts, raisins and dried figs.

Consumption temperature: Consume very cold, out of the freezer, after a good and exquisite meal.

Graduation: 42% Vol.

Capacity: 70 Cl.

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